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Tips and Tricks
Microwave Repair Tips

Microwave Repair Tips

Microwave does not heat

When a microwave won't heat or is heating unevenly, there are a few culprits that are most likely causing the problem.
  • If you are hearing a buzzing noise, it is most likely evidence that the magnetron, the part that creates the electric wave to heat your food, is defective. If magnetron is not completely out, you can possibly get it repaired, but if it is out, the entire magnetron will need to be replaced.

  • Other possible issues could be the capacitor or diode. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it would be best to involve an appliance repair professional to fix the problem, or just purchase a new microwave.

Microwave runs and then stops

If your microwave seems to start and then stop before it should, follow these steps to better diagnose the problem.
  • Check the door switch to make sure it is not defective or damaged. If the door switch is not activated completely, the microwave will not start, or immediately stop.

  • Check the the high voltage transformer. The transformer is what produces the high voltage necessary to charge the magnetron in order to heat your food. If the transformer has a short circuit, it will stop immediately. Call an appliance repair professional to help you diagnose and repair this.

  • Check the cooling fan to see if it is damaged or defective. The cooling fan is what keeps the magnetron from overheating. If the fan stops, the microwave will shut down for safety reasons.

  • Check the touch pad and determine if there is a short in it.

  • If these suggestions don't fix the problem, it would be best to call an appliance repair professional to help diagnose and repair the problem.

Microwave buttons don't work

The microwave touch pad goes out when it has gotten wet or the connections are loose. Try these suggestions to troubleshoot your problem.
  • Check to make sure that the touch pad electrical board is connected securely and that the connections are not impeded or damaged.

  • Replace the the touch pad.

  • If these items do not resolve the problem, call an appliance repair professional to address the issue.

Microwave turntable does not spin

If your microwave turntable is not spinning there are a few things to check to help diagnose the problem.
  • Start by unplugging the unit, or shutting the power off the power supply.

  • Access the turntable turning mechanism and inspect it for anything that could be impeding it's ability to turn. Remove it and clean the mechanism thoroughly.

  • Check the turntable drive bushing for damage. If it shows wear and tear, replace it.

  • Finally, if above suggestions don't solve the problem, it most likely is the tray motor. Call an appliance repair professional to help your with this fix or anything else that needs to be diagnosed.

Microwave is not working at all

If your microwave it not working at all, follow these steps to diagnose the possible problem.
  • Make sure that there is not a blown fuse or a tripped breaker.

  • Make sure that there is power to the unit by checking the electrical out with a lamp that you know is working.

  • If you determine that the unit is plugged in and has power, it is most likely a fuse. Fuses can easily blow with a surge in electrical current, as well as slamming the microwave door.

  • Check the door switch to make sure that it is not defective or damaged. The microwave will not start if it things the door is open.

  • If these items do not resolve the problem, call an appliance repair professional to address the issue.

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