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Tips and Tricks
Oven Repair Tips

Oven Repair Tips

Oven won't heat

When an oven won't heat, it is most likely because of a bad heating element or igniter. Follow these steps to help diagnose the problem.
  • Turn off the power before taking anything apart.

  • Remove the heating element most likely located right inside the oven.

  • If this doesn't fix the problem, remove the igniter.  The igniter is located under the oven.  In order to get to the igniter, remove the bottom oven storage drawer.

  • For all intensive purposes, this is very fixable, provided you can access the igniter and if the heating element is visible.  Some heating elements are actually hidden in the oven.  In these cases, it is best to have an a qualified appliance repair technician service it.

Oven won't heat at the correct temperature

When an oven does not keep the correct temperature, it could be the temperature sensor, heating element, or gas igniter. Follow these tips to help diagnose the problem.
  • Make sure the temperature sensor is not touching the  inside wall of the oven.

  • With an ohmmeter, test the temperature sensor to make sure that it is working.  As the temperature rises, resistance on the ohmmeter should increase.

  • If the sensor is not working, replace it.

  • Check the heating element or gas igniter to make sure that it is working correctly.  If not, replace either or both faulty parts.

  • After evening has been checked or replaced, re-calibrate the oven.

  • Heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the temperature inside the oven with an oven thermometer every 20 minutes for the next two hours.

  • Total the sum of the temperature readings taken and divide them by the number of readings taken.  This will give you an average temperature of the oven.
  • Adjust the oven’s temperature dial according to your readings.

Oven door won't shut properly

  • Before removing the door, shut off the gas or electricity.

  • Most oven doors can be removed easily by pulling straight up and out on the door.  If this does not work look for screws holding the door hinges in place.

  • Check the door hinges and replace if broken or faulty.

  • Remove the bottom drawer to make sure that the door springs are working correctly.

  • Remove any broken springs with pliers and replace them.

  • Replace the silicone or rubber gasket around the door.

  • If the oven door still won’t shut, the door sensor may need to be replaced.

Oven interior light is out

  • Remove the bulb cover.

  • Remove the old bulb by pulling it straight out.

  • Insert the new bulb and replace the cover.

Oven won't self-clean

  • Refer to your user manual to make sure you are starting the self-cleaning cycle correctly.

  • In some cases if your oven is really dirty, there will be a layer of ash that will have to be cleaned by hand.

  • If you’re still having trouble with the self-cleaning cycle, it is most likely a much more complicated situation where a qualified appliance repair technician will need to help diagnose and fix the problem.

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