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Tips and Tricks
Wine Cooler Repair Tips

Wine Cooler Repair Tips

Wine cooler won't cool down

Wines need to hold a specific temperature, typical between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When a wine is too warm, causes the wine to mature too early, ruining the taste. If a wine is too cold, it can ruin the flavor of the wine. So, when a wine cooler is not performing properly, it is due to the temperature to staying consistent. Below are a few items to check when troubleshooting with might be wrong with your wine cooler.
  • Thermostat - If your wine cooler is too warm, it could be that your thermostat is faulty or broken.  If the wine cooler is too cold, this could indicate that the thermostat is not functioning properly, giving incorrect information to the fan, which in turn cools the wine down to the wrong temperature.

  • Capacitor - The capacitor provides the boost to help the compressor start.  If it is not working properly, the compressor won't start, causing the wine cooler to heat up.

  • Compressor - If the capacitor is working correctly, then it could be the compressor.  It's possible the compressor is not getting enough power or the lack of flow of refrigerant.  This in turn makes it so the wine cooler can stay cool.

  • Fan - Check to see that all of the fans are working correctly.  It only takes one fan to stop working and the temperature will rise.

  • Excessive Noise -  Ususally, when you are hearing excessive or abnormal noises from your wine cooler, it is an indication or electrical or mechanical problems with the compressor.  This could be a damaged power supply, an indication that the flow of refrigerant is not adequate.  If you are hearing noises, get someone our to look at it immediately.

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