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Tips and Tricks
Washing Machine Repair Tips

Washer Repair Tips

Washing machine doesn't run

When washer won't turn on, work through these troubleshooting techniques to see if you can fix it on your own.
  • Check to make sure that washer is plugged in and the electrical outlet is working properly (use a lamp to very power).

  • If the power is not working, check to make sure that there is not a blown or tripped circuit breaker.

  • Inspect the washing machine's power cord for possible damage.

  • Look inside of the bucket and confirm the lid switch is working.

  • If you get to this point and still no power, you might consider calling in an experience appliance repair technician.

Washing machine is not rinsing

If you have soap residue on your washed clothing, or even in the washer after a rinse cycle, there are several items to check to diagnose the problem.
  • Make sure that the water supply valves are completely open.

  • Confirm that the water supply hoses are not kinked or impeded in any way from supply water to the washer.

  • Check to make sure that the washer's drain hose is draining completely.

  • Check to make sure that the cold water supply hose is not clogged.  Turn off the water valve and remove the hose to confirm there is no blockage.

  • If you are unable to correct the ineffective rinsing with these troubleshooting methods, consider contacting an appliance repair professional to repair your machine.

Washing machine is leaking

Most washing machine leaks resign-ate from connection hoses and faucets that have loose connections. Try these troubleshooting methods to see if you can resolve the problem.
  • Check all washing machine fittings where hoses connect to water supplies all the way back to the washing machine connection.

  • Make sure that the washer does not have too much detergent in it.  This can cause overflow out of the washer lid.  If this is the case, cut down on the amount of detergent.

  • Check all seals and gaskets to confirm they are not faulty an and in good working order.  If this seems to be the case, consider calling an appliance repair technician to perform the service.

Washing machine is not filling or over filling with water

If you are experiencing not filling or over filling washer problems, consider taking these steps to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Check to make sure that the hot and cold water sources are providing sufficient water pressure into the washer.

  • If the water pressure seems to be adequate, check to make sure that the machine is not draining the water prematurely during the fill cycle.

  • Check the water level switch, timer or temperature gauge are working correctly.

  • If the washer is overfilling, chances are your have a broken or faulty water-inlet or water-level switch.  This in turn makes the washer unable to detect water level, resulting in overflow.

Washer abnormally shakes and vibrates

When a washing machine shakes or vibrates abnormally, it is usually not sitting level on the floor, or the load has become waded up, causing the machine to become unbalanced. Follow the tips below to see if you can easily fix the problem.
  • Check to see if all four feet are touching the floor and the weight of the washing machine is evenly distributed between them.

  • Consider purchasing rubber front feet to help keep the washer in place.

  • Check the washer tub to make sure that the items have not become tangled or waded up in a way that it is causing the machine to become unbalanced.

  • If these suggestions don't resolve the problem, consider call a qualified appliance repair technician to help resolve the problem.

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